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Points Rules 2022

Points System

1. Winner receives 25 points per race. (Points will be awarded to driver only)
2. Any car protested and found illegal will forfeit all points for the night. No points will be awarded to a driver if for any reason driver is DQed.
3. If a tie for a position were to happen, the tie would be broken in the following way. (A) Most wins, (B) Most top 5 finishes, (C) Most top 10 finishes
4. If a tie still exists, the money for the position and the following position will be divided equally.
5. Double point races will be announced in advance.

Position # of points
1st 25
2nd 22
3rd 20
4th 18
5th 17
6th 16
7th 15
8th 14
9th 13
10th 12
11th 11
12th 10
13th 9
14th 8
15th 7
16th 6
17th 5
18th 4
19th 3
20th 2
21st 1
22nd 1
23rd 1
24th 1
25th 1
26th 1

Any car/driver running heat and cannot make the start of the main gets 20 points
Any driver taking the initial green flag in main event will be considered starting the main event. No points races will be dropped
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