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General Track Rules 2023

2023 General Track Rules **READ FIRST**

Rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES and REGULATIONS. They are a guide and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. TR Speedway retains the right to make all decisions and reserves the right to make any rule changes/amendments with dispute or appeal.

1. Drivers, car owners & crew members will always conduct themselves in a calm and sportsmanlike manner .

2. Interpretation of rules and decisions of speedway officials will be final.

3. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation.

4. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any car or person without question.

5. The driver/car owner alone will be the sole spokesman in any and all matters pertaining to the race and must talk with the official in charge. Driver is responsible for the crew.

6. Open drinking of intoxicants in the pit area by drivers will not be tolerated. Offenders will be subject to immediate ejection.

7. The following activities will result in fines, loss of winnings and points, and be subject to suspension and arrest: Loud and abusive language toward track officials, Starting or engaging in a fight, Deliberate contact during caution laps or after the race has completed, Subjecting any employee or official to improper or abusive language or profane signs. Penalty will be at the official's discretion. Any person found with any weapon on him or his vehicle is also subject to arrest. Disorderly conduct will not be allowed at the pay-off window. Crossing the racetrack during a race.

8. Any fines, suspensions, and/or protests must be settled with speedway management before a driver, car owner or crew member will be allowed to enter restricted area at another event.

9. Any cars entering racetrack other than at allowed times for division running will be subject to action at discretion of race officials.

10. Any driver, car owner or crew member going to the top of flag stand or tower to argue, without permission, will be fined (minimum $150) at official's discretion. Orderly conduct & discussion only!!

11. Three features wins in a row in any division the driver or car must start the next race from the rear. Special events are the exception, and the following weekly event will have the driver/car starting from the rear.

12. Car number must appear on the roof and both sides to be scored.

13. Any situation not specifically covered by this rulebook will be acted upon by flagman, race director, tech man, pit steward or management and decisions shall be final.

14. All cars must have a chain in front and rear for hook up!

15. Fire Retardant driver uniform, window net, helmet, five-point harness and fire extinguisher required. If caught at any time without one of these items, you will not run that date and you will forfeit all points and money.

16. A car is only allowed to compete in one division per night.

17. Any and all items not covered in these rules are non-protest items.

18. All prize money must be picked up at the payoff window following day or night's racing activity. Failure to pick up money on night of race will result in forfeit of winnings. No exceptions.

19. Stock means that you cannot modify this part. (If the rules don't say you can, then you can't.)

20. The rules are configured to support different racetracks and what may be good at one track may not be good at another. As deemed necessary, the rules may be altered and/or changed to suit the track and/or the officials. Rules are based off of US production models and availability.

21. The track reserves the right to promote any driver up at any time without prior notice.

22. All bore & stroke measurements will have a plus or minus .010 tolerance. CCs and CIs will be figured from actual measurements.

23. Mirrors and radios are OK in all classes. Series/association rules override track rules.

24. All weights or ccs must be posted on hood. All weight penalties & weight breaks must be claimed on hood. If not posted and the car is protested, this could result in a DQ.

25. SFI Head Restraints are highly recommended. A weight break of 25 lbs. will be given in all classes for each driver wearing a head restraint for the duration of the entire event. Approved head restraints are the Simpson Hybrid Pro*, Hybrid Pro Rage*, R3* and Hans* Device. Any other system must have tech approval.

26.Approved full containment seats are highly recommended. A weight break of 25 lbs. will be given.

27.Approved fire suppression are highly recommended. A wight break of 25 lbs. will be given.

28.Series/Association Safety Weight Breaks - Overrides Track Rule as Advertise

Pre-Race Process

1. Attendance by drivers, car owners & crew members at drivers' meetings is mandatory.

2. Visual protests (requiring no measurements whatsoever) must be presented to Pit Steward in writing before feature line-up commences. No visual protests taken after track announcer has made call for cars to come to staging area. Cost is $25. Bodies are not a protest item and will be governed by track.

3. All drivers must be ready to compete in the event for which they are scheduled. If you are not staged in line up when cars are called to the speedway, you will start tail of field.

4. All Drivers must have a working Race receiver when on track!

Race Process

1. The Race Director/Flagman is in full control of race procedure and on track activities. His/her decisions will be final.

2. Drivers may not exit the car on track unless instructed by Race Director or safety crew. Exiting the car for any other reason will be grounds for disqualification from the event.

3. Any cars not on the track when "okay" sign comes out will start at rear.

4. STARTS - All initial starts are double file at the start line. Inside driver sets the pace and starts the race. It is the outside driver's responsibility to stay beside him. Jumping starts will put you back one row. After 2 double file attempts (jumps do not count), line up will go single file. Leader must start the race at the start line.

5. RE-STARTS - Drivers must be nose to tell and in line, drivers cannot leave distance or be under the car in front of them. Re-starts are from pit gate to the light going into turn 3, if leader does not go by the light, we will go green.

6. MULTI-CAR WRECK ON FIRST LAP: All cars get their spot back. Single car spin will go to the rear. Any cars going to the pit will go to the rear.

7. Any car deliberately stopping before the completion of the first lap to bring out the caution will be put to the rear or penalized a lap at the discretion of Race Director/Flagman. Deliberately stopping and bringing out the caution to keep from going a lap down will be scored one lap down.

8. Any car(s) involved in any accident that brings out red or yellow flag will be lined up in the rear of the field. (This does not include cars that stop or spin to keep from hitting the other cars.)

9. Lap traffic must stay to inside of the speedway. (Any cars trying to hold up leaders will be black-flagged.)

10. Any car charged with two (2) unassisted cautions will be black-flagged.

11. Race back to the checkered flag only. (Green and yellow lights on means race back.) If the track is blocked or a driver's life is in danger, the race will go caution and resume with green, white, and checkered.

12. No work can be done on race car on the track. No tools allowed on track. No crew is allowed on the track, ever! Track officials may pull sheet metal away from tire. Absolutely no other work on cars will be done!!

13. Any driver stopping on track and exiting car to argue with officials for any reason will be penalized at track official's discretion. Any car going to wrong way at any time will be disqualified and parked. (unless told by official)

14. No car can receive any assistance from another car during the last lap of the race.

15. In the event that two or more cars cross the finish line at the same time, the car next to the infield can be declared the winner.

18. Rough driving will be dealt with through fines and/or suspensions. Kill rule is enforced.

19. Track officials' decisions are final.

Post Race Process

1. Cars will exit the track and enter the infield or pit area at a safe speed.

2. Top three cars must cross scales in order of finish for inspection after heats and top 5 in features. All cars must have weight and any weight penalties posted on hood

3. Scale area is off limits to pit crews during official weighing. Please exit scale area after car has been pushed on scales. No car will be weighed until the area has been cleared.

4. Top 5 cars must stay at scales for 5 mins or until ok is given to leave by tech official.

5. If driver wants to protest or clam they must have money on them and they have 5 minutes after they cross scales to have the money in tech mans hand. Driver being protested than has 10 minutes to accept and have accept money in tech mans hand. (tech has right to give extended time if they see need)

6. If a protest happens only 4 members of the car getting protested are allowed in the infield or tech area. Only 2 members of the protesting car are allowed.

7. Looking for small or unimportant errors or faults will not be tolerated or allowed. We are aware that the rule
book may not cover every situation or issue. Officials have final say on ALL protested or claimed item issues.
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