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Renegade Sportsman 2023


Both Options:

BODY: The objective is to keep the cars looking similar and as close to stock as possible. No exposed bars allowed. Body must sit on frame in OEM position. Aftermarket (track

approved) dirt bodies allowed. (AR bodies) OK

WHEELBASE: - Stock wheelbase for chassis being ran. 108- 1 tolerance + or - NO jeeps or station wagons.

NOSE: Rubber nose OK... Nose must match tailpiece. (If you have a Camaro nose, you must run a Camaro tail piece, Monte Carlo, Nova Charger etc.) No Exotic or late model style noses, or elephant ears allowed.

TAILPIECE: Must run a tailpiece or sheetmetal. Sheetmetal must be from top of frame-rails to deck and side to side. 14 minimum height.

COCKPIT: Must run complete, enclosed cockpit. You must have a floor pan under driver. Front firewall location may be moved for engine clearance. (unibody cars, please see below)

SPOILER: Height (Maximum 6"). Side spoilers (6" x 12"). You may have one 4" spoiler inside car, but cannot extend past rear of cockpit.

CHASSIS & SUSPENSION: 1. Front Suspension components must remain stock or stock type for type of chassis running, unless otherwise stated. This includes drag-links, tie rods, spindles etc. FRONT SUSPENSION!

2. All Johnson Chassis cars or cars utilizing Johnson Chassis components must sit at least 7.5 inches above ground level at all points (with the driver in the car).

3. Steering - stock type - Quickeners OK.

4. Front spring spacers OK. NO front screw jacks allowed. Only OEM rear trailing arms allowed. Rear spring- jack bolts OK. Rear spring buckets Ok. (Rear Jack Bolt Buckets can be NO taller than 6 inches)

5. Springs may be changed but must remain in stock location. Racing springs OK (No stack springs). 1 spring per wheel allowed.

6. A-Frames - Upper control arms may be tubular steel or modified OEM. Longer GM stock type Ball joints OK on upper only (No Screw in ball joints). Lower control arm must be OEM for frame used, must remain unaltered in stock position. Stock type replacement ball joints only. (NO long ball joint may be used on lower) (NO Screw-In ball joints Allowed). No mono-balls allowed. You must run rubber bushings only.

FRONT SHOCKS AK1043 only. Can be raised or lowered 3. No heims. Front shocks must remain in stock location. No bump tops on shocks.

REAR SHOCKS - Steel body non-adjustable racing shocks OK. NO Schrader valves. No Hyper-valve or external fill port. NO bump stop on shocks. May relocate rear only. Heim joints OK on rear shocks.

Shock Claim - Front - $150 each. Rear - $200 each including Heims. Have to be claimed within 5 minutes after main event with money and written claim given together to tech man. Shock is bought "as is".

2. Engine setback - #1 plug even with center top ball joint.

3. Framework may be reinforced. Unibody cars (frames) must have stock floor pan and must be in stock location. Tubing may run from front most rear spring mounting points (at intersection of frame and rear portion of the unibody) to the front sub-frame. Mounting points for front frame rails must remain bolted in position. Frame may be X braced. Rusted out portions of floor pan may be patched. All suspension points must be in stock location. (Shock mounting points may be reinforced.)

4. UNIBODY cars must have stock floor pan.




8. Stock Metric frames have the option to be repaired with SECA or Crate Racing USA tubular front and/or rear clip. Front and Rear Clips will also have SECA or Crate Racing USA serial numbers.

9. Stock Metric frames may run the following Johnson parts: Left Upper A Frame (JCI-

09-02-003R), Right Upper A Frame (JCI-09-02-003L), Left Lower A Frame (JCI-09-02- 01RC-L-SP), Right Lower A Frame (JCI-09-0201RC-R-SP), Rear Upper Trailing Arm (JCI- 09-03-04B), & Rear Lower Trailing Arm (JCI-09-03-03B). No longer Johnson A-frames allowed.

ENGINE OPTION #1: 3,000lbs.GM crate motor only. Part #88958602 (350 stock circle track engine - 88958602) ALL ENGINES (Factory Sealed, SECA sealed, & Unsealed) MUST meet GM specifications! May rebuild using GM parts as set forth by GM and must meet factory specs (GM changes to parts/ part numbers taken into consideration).

ENGINE OPTION #2: 3,100 lbs. Must be same make as car. Engine must be STRICTLY STOCK. No factory high performance allowed. Cubic Inch: (Chevy - 350 C.I.) (Ford - 351 C.I.) (Chrysler - 360 C.I.)

Block: Stock cast iron OEM, may overbore .060 MAXIMUM (NO TOLERANCE). May deck block to .000 deck only (NO TOLERANCE).

Crankshaft: Factory stock for engine running or the following part numbers: Scat part #4-3503480 or Eagle part #ESP103503480 and ESP103523480. 9-350-3480-5700 2 piece, 9-10442 2 piece, 9-10526 1 piece, 4-350-3480-5700 2 piece, 4-350-3480-5700L 1 piece, 103503480, 103523480. NO CUTTING ALLOWED.

Rods: Factory stock for engine running OK. May balance rods. May run any rod bolt. May run Eagle rod part #ESP5700BPLW or Scat part #SCA-25700P. Floating pin OK.

Pistons: May use any flat top or dish stock replacement piston, forged or hypereutectic. Flat top piston must have 4 valve relief's (Factory). No custom machining allowed, must use standard (Wide) ring package 5/64th", 5/64th", 3/16th". Coating on skirts OK. No custom pistons. May cut valve pockets.

Intake: Option 1 - Factory stock, cast iron, low rise only. Valley pan OK. Option 2 - Edelbrock part #5001,7101 or 2101. Must remain box stock, no alterations. Any 1" spacer.

Fuel System

Fuel: Track fuel ONLY. Must pass track test.

Carburetor: OEM Stock single line 2 barrel or 4 barrel for make. Must use stock or stock replacement gasket. May drill holes in butterflies. No spacer allowed. NO HIGH PERFORMANCE. Or may run box stock Holley 650 #4777. May run 1" adapter for Holley carb. to stock manifold with no more than (2) .070" thick gaskets. May remove choke flap. May drill holes in butterflies. Must pass track gauges. May run maximum 2" air cleaner riser.

Fuel Pump: Stock OEM or racing pump only.

Heads: Factory stock or Dart, cast iron OEM straight plug only, screw in studs allowed. No high performance or double hump allowed ( NO VORTEC). NO BLEND WORK ALLOWED. Competition Valve job OK. Bowl cut OK, may not bore below guide boss. May run roller rockers 1.5 ratio for Chevy, 3/8 and 7/16 stud, no stud girdles allowed. Buy rule $225 for rocker arms. For other engine manufacturers, stock rocker ratio. Any steel valve spring. Any steel retainer. POLYLOCKS OK. GUIDE PLATES OK. Stock diameter stainless steel valves OK. May run Dart Head SS #10024361.

* 64 CC MIN chamber volume.

* Any stainless valve - 11/32" stem - 1.949 intake - 1.509 exhaust. No titanium keepers, retainers, etc.

* Any steel valve spring. Steel retainers and keepers only. Stud mounted rocker arms only - 1.5 ratio.

Camshaft: MUST BE Flat Tappet HYDRAULIC LIFTERS ONLY. No bottoming out of lifters. Must be a true hydraulic functioning lifter.Any timing chain. May degree camshaft. Cam must be OEM .425 maximum lift for Chevrolet; others will be .450 maximum lift. May run valley tray.

Oil Pan: Any wet sump.

Balancers: Factory stock or aftermarket OK.

*Aftermarket pulley system and belts OK. *Any plugs and plug wires OK.

*No electric radiator cooling fans

*No electric water pumps.


May run brass distributor gear

Both Options:

Any HEI distributor - Can be locked out. Vacuum optional. (May use any stock or any replacement cap, any rotor button) May run a MSD, DUI etc HEI module. (No Magnetos, Crank Trigger Systems, or Ignition Boxes) No circuit boards.

CARBURETOR: - Box stock 650 Holley #4777. Must pass track gauges. May remove choke flap only. You may drill holes through butterfly. (May change jets, power valve, plastic secondary squirter arm replacement OK ) Any 1 or 2 inch Carb Spacer OK. 4 corner idle ok.

NO cold air boxes, (No metal or plastic allowed under the breather/hood/and or carburetor). This includes any metal or plastic that may direct air), may cut hole in hood for air cleaner with max. 4 1/2" tall scoop or air deflector. Scoop may be no more than 4" wider than air cleaner. Spacer from Air Cleaner seal surface on Carburetor to base of Air Cleaner seal allowed, with max length of 4 inches.

EXHAUST SYSTEM: Schoenfeld #186 & #186CM ONLY (There are multiple #186 headers, these are the only two that measure as follows 1 3/4 Tube Diameter. 3 1/2 collector diameter x 8 collector length) No "X" or merge type pipes allowed. Maximum of 12" pipe (1 tolerance ) (measured from end of collector), has to be the same diameter of collector. No additional pipe/tube/obstructions etc can be used to extend or create an extension of the exhaust or to create more back pressure. (ex. leaving a gap and mounting or hanging another pipe)

No electric radiator cooling fans. No mufflers allowed.

Aftermarket pulley system & belts OK. Any plugs and plug wires OK. No electric water pumps

FUEL SYSTEM: Must pass track test, Pump gas or 110 fuel. No E85 or additives. Fuel Pump (stock type, mechanical only). Fuel cell is mandatory.

DRIVELINE: Single disc, stock or stock equivalent clutch or replacement clutch only. Clutch must have solid lining only. You must have spring(s) in clutch.

Pressure plate must be stock or stock replacement only (steel only). Hydraulic throw out bearing ok. Pressure plate must weigh a minimum of 12 lbs. (This is to be weighed alone) If it is

determined that you have modified, or altered the pressure plate, IT IS WRONG)

Flywheel- GM P/N 14088646 or aftermarket equivalent. 12.75" diameter. 14 lb. Min. weight. Scatter shield or 3/16" plate around flywheel area-MANDATORY

TRANSMISSION: GM (Cast Iron)Saginaw or Muncie manual transmission 3 speed only. No direct drives. ALL working gears forward & reverse. All forward gears must be helical cut teeth. You may run 350 or 400 turbo automatic with OEM working torque converter. Flex plate must be GM #14088765 or GM #14088761. No power glides. (Transmission internal parts can NOT be polished, coated, or lightened.)

DRIVE SHAFT: Steel only (1 1/2" min. diameter)

REAR END: Stock factory or 9" Ford. Any ratio OK. Positive traction or locked OK. Floater OK. 9" Ford mounting points must be stock type with NO adjustability. 4 1/2" max - 3 1/2" min from center of the axle tube to center of trailing arm bolt. (ANY ADDITIONAL HOLES MUST BE REMOVED) Gun drilled axles OK, Any gear OK. Polished & lightened ok. No titanium.

REAR TRAILING ARMS: Lower (OEM rear trailing arms only - must remain stock), Upper (May change length or relocate bolt hole for pinion angle), Left & Right Lower & Upper Trailing Arms must be same length.

BRAKES: Stock type (4 wheel disc OK). No aftermarket or aluminum and they must have operational 4 wheel braking system. (No functional/non-functional brake cutoff allowed). NO Scalloped Rotors. Drilled Rotors, Racing Pedals, Adjusters, & Dual master Cylinders are OK.

TIRES & WHEELS: 8 steel wheels, Hoosiers H500.

PROTEST: Items not covered below are considered track protest items and therefore track protest rules apply.

(2 Items) $400.00 with track retaining $100.00 Cam Protest: $300

Bottom end only protest: $700. Option 1: Weigh crank/check journals, visual rod and piston from the bottom. Crank weighed with gear and pilot. Option 2: Remove rod and piston from engine and visual crank/check journals in place. Under hood visual protest: $50.00 fee to look at carburetor and exhaust. After heats only.

Clutch Assembly Protest includes clutch disk, pressure plate & flywheel ($200 - Track retains $100). Tire Protest Fee ($125 & $125 acceptance fee). Fuel lab test $150.
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